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Vendor Notice Please Read!

Vendors, this RFP is being issued with the intent of utilizing Federal FCC E-rate funds. You MUST COMPLY with all rules and regulations associated with the E-rate program. If you or the company you represent are unfamiliar with this program, we strongly urge you to become knowledgeable before submitting a bid. For more information, please consult the Schools & Libraries Division website at: http://www.usac.org/sl/

Additional specific restrictions are laid out in the following bid packet. As a courtesy, we have provided the following summary of this bid.

By submitting your properly executed bid to the Jt. Kellogg School District, you, and the company you represent, are in full agreement of the following:
  • You agree to be a fully authorized and properly certified E-rate Service Provider
  • You agree to enter into this contract utilizing the Service Provider Invoicing (SPI) (Form 474) method of payment.
  • If approved, the total amount of E-rate funds committed to most these project may cover up to 90% of the total cost. The School System is ONLY responsible for the remaining percentage that E-rate does not cover.
  • As with all federal programs, there are many requirements involving proper documentation and timely submissions. This can create large delays from the moment the vendor’s work has finished to the time the Federal Government issues payment.
  • We anticipate the costs and man-power requirements for these projects to be significant. VENDORS MUST BURDEN THE FEDERALLY COMMITTED PORTION OF COSTS (up to 90% in some cases) while the E-rate process proceeds. The Jt. Kellogg School District will pay ONLY their percentage of the total contract at the time of completion. This may be as little as 20% of the total cost. The process of retrieving money from the E-rate program can take significantly longer depending on numerous issues that may arise.


If your company cannot burden massive amounts of funds being tied up while waiting for
payment from the E-rate program, then DO NOT BID on these projects. The federally committed portion of the
contract may not be paid for a significant length of time.